Moringa Capsule


The powder in the capsule is the same powder in the shaker.

It is 100% leaf powder; however, the capsule may give a better result than the powder because the capsule will freshly be absorbed both in the stomach and some may still be absorbed while passing into the intestines, and then reaches in the blood stream with more volume which works through metabolites that are produced in the organ systems such as liver, kidney, lung, etc…

It may increase the Body’s Immune System , provide Nourishment to the Brain & Body, provide Healthy Digestion, promotes Cell Structure of the Body, increase Metabolism & Energy, enhance Weight Loss Management, promote a Healthy Circulatory System, support Normal Blood Glucose, aid in Reducing Inflammation, enhances Mental Clarity and provides Natural Anti-Aging Benefits, may also help supporting with Digestive Health, and the Body System Detoxification Process.


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